Get the London Look

As I was trawling through photo after glorious photo of the beautiful Kate Moss (my fav model of all time, I mean… just look at her), I began to notice how much she resembles another one of my favorite icons, Brigitte Bardot.

kate moss brigitte bardot

Seeing as I just went in for the Bardot haircut myself (the ultimate summer ‘do’) I was curious to know how Moss achieves this “modern Bardot” look. Thank god for beauty tutorials. Charlotte Tilbury, Kate’s favorite makeup artist, has a great tutorial on how to get the Kate Moss look. For those of you that may be new to the world of beauty video tutorials, let me tell you they are amazing. Second only to learning in person, video tutorials allow you to see how the artist applies the makeup, which is crucial for really understanding the techniques. The audio cues are great as well, and the quick editing means that most tutorials are no longer than about 6 minutes in length. If you’re interested in getting the London Look a la Kate the Great, check out Tilbury’s awesome video:

(photo via: virginiebichet)


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