Film of the Week

The first ever “Film of the Week” post is dedicated to a film I cannot stop watching right now, Stealing Beauty. A Bertolucci film, Stealing Beauty is set in mid 1990’s Tuscany, and overflows with rich and sumptuous imagery. Liv Tyler (who is the queen of all babes) is at her most radiantly beautiful in her break out role as Lucy, a 19 year American girl old visiting an artist’s villa where she does much soul-searching and hunting for clues about her real father. The costumes in the film were curated by Mr. Armani himself, and they ooze airy Italian chic. Personally I’m obsessed with every outfit Liv wears, from her mom jeans to the flouncy 1930’s party dress. Also, Jeremy Irons is in it, and who can resist his special brand of tragic elegance?

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Stealing Beauty is currently on Netflix Instant. I recommend you watch it at least 6 times.


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