Academy of Art, Spring 2014 NYFW, Didvik Kuang








As someone who was a fashion design major for 3 years before switching to costume- let me tell you, these guys work harder than anyone else at the school. They regularly pull 12-13 hour days, much of it slaving away in front of a sewing machine, ripping out zippers, pressing seams, and wondering what day it is and when you last ate anything. This being said, I am always so impressed at what the seniors and graduate students put together for New York Fashion Week every year.

This season, my favorite was Didvik’s Kuang’s Spring 2014 collection for the Academy of Art University. The look was unique, a combination of wide Japanese silhouettes, references to traditional Arab dress, and a pop of flashy color via neck kerchief, sunglasses or both. Kuang seems to have been inspired by fresh linen Arabic robes, the colors of the sand and sky in the Sarah, Bedouin tents, and colorful 90’s eye wear. Kuang’s models looked like they just arrived first class from Tokyo and were looking forward to riding out into the desert on camels (outfitted in chic, minimalistic saddles and reigns- maybe a sporty orange to match their shades?). Kuang tapped into the psyche of the traveling young and stylish professional. Best of all the collection is for the most part very androgynous, I would definitely wear a few of the pieces.

My favorite pieces in the collection were hands down the skirt-pants in crispy, light-weight linen. The billowing skirt (almost like a combination of an Arabic robe and a 90’s shirt tied around the waist look), the sandy cream color, and to top it off, the slight roll at the bottom (well done backstage stylists) just made these pants a perfect summer statement piece. And they look comfy too.


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